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How do I claim my Nordic Spruce tree seeds?
Simply enter your details in to the online form and click submit.

When will I receive my Nordic Spruce tree seeds?
You will receive your Nordic Spruce Trees seeds within 45 days of submitting your details via the online claim form. Your seeds will be delivered by Royal Mail post.

How long do I have to claim my packet of Nordic Spruce tree seeds?
The offer closes at midnight on 31/07/2021 and is subject to stock availability. (Extended from 22/06/2021 until 23:59 on 31/07/21).

How can I share my tree growing journey with Harringtons?
You can tag us in your planting journey on our social media pages @harringtonspetfood, don’t forget to use the hashtag #harringtonstrees

How big will my Nordic Spruce tree grow?
Planted in a large garden pot your tree can grow to more than 12m and spread wider than 8m. The time to ultimate height is 20-50 years.

Are there any alternative gifts on offer?
There are no alternative gifts on offer to the Nordic Spruce tree seeds and the offer is non-transferable.

My Nordic Spruce tree seeds have not arrived, who can I contact?
You can contact us here and we will be happy to help with your enquiry.